The plant will occupy 7200 km2 at the industrial site of Ryazan machine-tool plant. It will be the first factory of the company, operating in Russia, manufacturing to be launched in August of the current year.

The goods will be delivered to «Renault-Nissan», «Volkswagen» and «Ford» factories in Russia.

«We’ve chosen Ryazan because it stands at the crossroads of routs. It will help to ship the goods to different regions in Russia»-commented Vadim Nistratov, the director of LLC «Autoneum Rus». «The convenient site will facilitate the expansion of the business, and the Corporation of development plays a vital part in dealing with day-to-day issues».

The project of «Autoneum Rus» corresponds with the state measures aimed at developing high-tech industries",-says Vladimir Shapovalov, CEO of RRCD. «This multinational company will launch its innovative technology and produce felt of pollution-free fibre. Comparative advantages of Ryazan region and favourable business conditions will attract other international manufacturers to our region, whom RRCD is willing to help.

LLC «Autoneum» was founded in 1984 in Switzerland and has over 50 factories in 27 countries. The volume of sales amounts over 1,9 billion Swiss franks. The company employs over 10 thousand people and supplies goods for leading car-making enterprises (49 brands of motor cars and 15 brands of trucks).