АСИ проектные сервисы

On March 3, 2016 RRCD took part in the interregional seminar «Professional Project Management in Public Sector», held in Ryazan region. The following issues were discussed at the seminar:

— effective building of a practice management system,

— distribution of functions among organizational Headquarters, a Design office, working groups on the basis of methodical recommendations of Agency for Strategic Inintiatives,

— quality improvement of communications.

The seminar was held by the head of representative office of Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects in the Central Federal District Vitaly Eremeev, the Assistant for the Economics and Finance Department of the Russian Government Pavel Shestopalov and the head of educational services of «Project services» (Moscow) Natalya Garkusha. In particular, they spoke about benefits and opportunities of project management in the public sector, mechanisms of its implementation and practical experience in the field of project management with examples of individual regions.