On April 21-22, 2016 Director of RRCD Department of Project Management Denis Bezukladov participated in the second annual the Innovation Ecosystem: Universities and Scientific Centers Forum, held in Moscow; it was organized by RVC in partnership with Lomonosovskiy Moscow State University, Innopractice Company and NUST MIS&S. The key theme of the forum was development of innovation ecosystems in the universities and scientific organizations, establishment of the university 3.0, and discussion of their participation in the National Technology Initiative.

Purposes and aims of the forum were to ensure development of the innovation ecosystem at universities and research organizations in the Russian Federation as well as to develop interaction competences of all ecosystem players. This event was held for the second year and is a logic continuance of the 2nd annual Innovation Ecosystem forum organized by RVC OJSC traditionally held in Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi).

During two days of intensive work of the forum there were 2 plenary sessions, 8 key heard presentations by leading international experts, conducted 16 discussion panels in 8 directions.

For the last decades, role of universities and scientific organizations in the world have changed. Common functions (educational and scientific) are amplified with the entrepreneur function. Such universities and scientific organizations (the so called Universities 3.0) become the key subjects of the national and regional innovation ecosystems as well as leaders and centers of creation of new technological industries making significant contribution to the global competitive ability of the country. A university is not just a smith’s shop of personnel and an executive of R&D, but also a generator, coordinator and author of new technological innovations on the global market.