On April 26, CEO of Monotowns Development Fund Ilya Krivogov visited the Ryazan region. The meeting was held by the deputy head of the Ryazan region Nikolay Lyubimov on the territory of the advanced development zone (ADZ) in Lesnoy settlement of Shilovsky district. Agreements on cooperation between the Government of the Ryazan region and potential residents of TOSER were signed following the meeting.

According to the official website of the Government of the Ryazan region, the meeting was held in the new building of Relief Center LLC in Rybnovsky district. Relief Center is an anchor resident of the advanced development zone. The company announced three investment projects.

Opening the meeting, Nikolay Lyubimov emphasized that Lesnoy settlement is the first non-diversified municipal unit of the Ryazan region, which can obtain the status of ADZ. According to the head of the Ryazan region, the ADZ will be funded by Federal and regional budgets and by private investors in order to operate social and engineering infrastructure of the settlement.

Agreements on cooperation between the Government of the Ryazan region and five potential residents of TOSER: Relief Center LLC, agricultural holding Lesnoy, Gaztekhprom LLC, Stroypolimer LLC, Pharma-Logica-R LLC were signed following the meeting. Nikolay Lyubimov also announced that the next settlements to become ADZ can be Yelatma of Kasimov district and Pobedinka of Skopinsky district.