On July 26, Strategic Development Concept of the Ryazan Region – 2030, developed by the Russian Academy of National Economy and Civil Service under the President of the Russian Federation, was discussed in Ryazan.

The event was attended by the head of the Ryazan region Nikolay Lubimov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexander Tsybulsky, Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia Ilya Trunin, Rector of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences Vladimir Mau, Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Elena Dybova, heads of federal and regional government bodies, ministries and departments, heads of municipalities, representatives of public and scientific organizations, business communities, active residents of the Ryazan region.

According to the developers, the preparation of the document considered the best Russian and world practices in the field of strategic development. The project contains an analysis of the current state of the region and three scenarios for the future development of the region. The Concept is based on ecological and economic approaches, that will allow preserving natural ecosystems and existing potential. Priorities of sustainable regional development are formed with account of advantages of the region, which need to be used effectively, as well as threats that need to be overcome or minimized. The goal is to create a sustainable economy, preserve and multiply human capital and ultimately improve the quality of life of the people of Ryazan.

Representatives of public organizations and associations, business and scientific community, business circles, activists, representatives of the media, residents of the region took part in the discussion, during which all interested parties expressed their opinions and proposals, asked questions of interest and received detailed answers from federal and regional authorities.

It is planned that the Concept will form the basis of the future long-term Development Strategy of the Ryazan Region.