Questions about creation of monotowns in the Ryazan Region were asked by representatives of regional media during a regular press conference of Nikolay Lyubimov, the head of the Ryazan Region, which was held on Wednesday, 2 August.

Answering the questions, Nikolay Lyubimov noted that the application of the Ryazan Region to create a territory of advanced development zone in Lesnoy settlement of the Shylovsky District was approved and recommended for adoption by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Novomichurinsk is also currently preparing documents for assignment of ADZ status. As noted by Nikolay Lyubimov, possibility of creating greenhouse production in Novomichurinsk, which really needs a lot of electricity, and a number of other enterprises, are being considered. According to his words, increase of electricity consumers of Ryazan GRES will contribute to increase in capacity of the enterprise and development of related industries. Nikolay Lyubimov also emphasized that all investment projects will have to undergo environmental review.

Korablino can get a monotown status if local authorities and population take an active position. "First of all, it is necessary to prepare relevant documents and to prove the need to create a monotown. If there is a desire and corresponding justifications, the Government of the region will render all necessary assistance, " said Nikolay Lyubimov.